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Owning your own home is an important step in life, but as time goes by you and your family’s needs can change. Kids get older, families expand and social situations shift. Many of these changes can require more square footage. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always practical to think about buying a bigger house. The obvious solution is to do some home renovations and add extra space, and value to your existing home. 

In this article, we’re going to outline some of the main reasons why people need to add room to their home, and hopefully give you some novel home addition ideas

You Have a Growing Family

If you’ve decided to settle down and have kids, you’re going to need bedrooms and some extra living space to accommodate an expanding family. Furthermore, as kids get older they may decide they don’t want to share a room anymore. 

Aside from bedrooms, more children also mean more people who want to use the living room or even the bathroom. As they grow, you may find that your house, at its current size, no longer fits everyone comfortably and more space is needed.

You Need to Expand Your Kitchen Space

While your kitchen may be functional, you shouldn’t have to settle for mere function. Mealtimes are some of the most important moments of the day, and if you’re a serious foodie, a small kitchen can make food preparation frustrating. 

If your kitchen lacks cupboards and other kinds of storage, a pantry can add a convenient place to stock dry goods and kitchen items. If you lack counter space or even a dining area, an expansion can open up the kitchen and allow you to enjoy both meal prep and mealtime. It is the kind of home addition that can feed your creativity!

You Want to Add a Master Suite

A master bedroom is where your day usually begins and ends and is often one’s oasis from day-to-day stress. A comfortable area where we can start our morning routine and sleep in becomes more and more important as we get older. 

Having a fully kitted-out bathroom en-suite added to your bedroom provides you with a bit of luxury and privacy, not to mention convenience. No more fighting for bathroom rights with your kids!

You Want a Sunroom or a Deck Addition

These days a functional outdoor space has been key to keeping sane.  Getting some fresh air and sunshine can help revitalize the soul. If you are looking for a spot to relax, enjoy your garden, or perhaps grill and entertain during the warmer months, a deck addition could be the ideal solution.

If you live in a colder climate or when winter hits, having a sunroom installed can help to bring some of the outdoors inside, without having to worry about being exposed to the elements. It’s a home improvement that gives you the best of both worlds and is fantastic for plants.

You Lack Space for Entertaining 

There is nothing worse than wanting to invite family and friends over, but can’t because everyone will be crammed around the kitchen table. By adding more space to your home, entertaining can become more enjoyable knowing your guests will have enough room to socialize and be comfortable. 

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