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Soaking in the sun and enjoying a cold beverage with friends and family on your brand-new deck is a sure-fire way to enjoy the summer. This outdoor extension of your home is the ideal place to enjoy quality time in your backyard. While there are many obvious ways in which a new deck can add enjoyment to your home, there are some other advantages you may not have thought about.

1. Increase Your Property Value

While it’s going to cost money to install a new deck, the investment is also going to add value to your property. A deck installation is money well spent and offers a solid return on your initial investment. 

You can expect a new deck to add around 10% to your home’s value. On average, when you sell your home, you will make back 70% of what you spent on the deck, plus an additional 30% profit. Of course, each deck and situation is different, so these numbers may vary.

2. Add a Functional Outdoor Living Space

Who doesn’t want additional living space on their property? While the size of your backyard may be sufficient for your needs, perhaps your yard is not the ideal spot for hosting barbecues and parties, especially if the ground slopes or is uneven.

A well-designed and customized deck can incorporate a variety of zones, including a hot tub area, room for seating or a cooking and dining area. Deck layouts can be customized for your needs and bring your deck ideas to life.

3. Improve Your Yard’s Aesthetics

There’s something about a home with an amazing deck that makes it stand out from the rest. If you lined up multiple houses —‌ one with a deck and the others with standard backyards —‌ most people would say the home with the deck is more aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to decking materials, there are several options to choose from depending on the look and feel of your property. You could choose softwood decking which is lighter in color; hardwood decking for a darker and more striking look; or composite, which is gray and modern-looking.

4. Add More Storage Space

No matter how big their home is, most people would say they wished they had more areas in which to store household or outdoor items. A new deck installation increases the storage space available to you in your home.

Do you have a table and chairs that you don’t know what to do with? Place them outside on your deck and use them as an alternative eating area.

To maximize storage space even more, when you’re having your new deck installed, you can ask the deck builder to turn the area underneath the structure into a storage area. In some cases, this area can be turned into a mini shed depending on how high the deck is raised from the ground.

5. Less Landscaping Maintenance

When you install a new deck, you’re removing a large portion of your lawn and replacing it with timber. This means you’ll save lots of time when it comes to cutting the grass and your yard will require less landscaping maintenance.

With less grass, weeds and plants to take care of each month, you’ll also save money that would otherwise be spent on a gardener and lawn care products.

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