Shingled Roofs

A few recommendations from our main supplier, Owens Corning:

Updating your roof is about more than function. It's a great opportunity to bring your home's accents together-improving its aesthetics and perceived value.

Duration Premium shingles, the best option, offer maximum vibrancy, have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and can withstand winds up to 130 MPH.

Duration shingles give you vivid color, have a 30-Year Limited Warranty and can stand up to 110 MPH winds.

Both feature the high-performance durability of SureNail Technology with supersealing action.

Whether you are looking to add more drama to your home or give it a knockout new look, Duration Series Shingles Designer Colors Collection offers brilliant impact and curb appeal like you never imagined.

Which color best complements your home's exterior details?

Call us and we'll share a range of samples with you. Try on and see.