Crockett Home Improvement

What plans do you have for your home this year? Have you considered undertaking some projects to upgrade your living space? An upgrade will increase the value of your home or make it more comfortable for you and your family.

There are a host of home improvement ideas. You can make some additions to your kitchen, bathroom, or even create an outdoor entertainment center. Are you planning on renovating your home? We have some ideas that will help.

Kitchen Upgrade

Little changes in your kitchen can make a big difference. There are areas you may want to focus on since they will change your kitchen’s look and feel. When it comes to flooring, solid hardwood is an excellent option.

If you do not already have a kitchen island, it will be a great addition. They become the focal point of your cooking space. Use natural stones such as marbles, granite, and quartz to make it stand out. Remember, to leave at least 36 inches on all sides to avoid crowding.

You may also consider upgrading some appliances as part of your kitchen remodel project. If you intend to do this, ensure that they are properly incorporated into your kitchen design.

You can also get creative with lighting. It’s inexpensive but it also brings out the beauty of your kitchen. You can mix different light types. Choose LED lights since they are energy efficient.

Your kitchen remodel project is incomplete without updating the painting if the paint is old.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces                            

If you have a large outdoor space, you can put it to good use by creating an entertainment space for you and your loved ones. Map out the area first and choose the kind of shelter to create. The shelter should be robust enough to protect the elements of your entertainment center.

Choose comfortable chairs and use a lot of lighting. What kind of entertainment do you want to bring to the center? Will it be for games, movies, home karaoke, or a mixture of these? Plan all these before starting.

Update the Bathroom

For toilets, choose hidden or low tank toilets. They are more stylish and also save you space. Also, opt for small or textured tiles since they are safer. 

They do not allow you to slip easily. Install a window in your shower. The window will prevent the growth of mildew and mold. You will always have dry air coming into your bathroom thereby keeping it dry and clean. A shower without proper aeration is usually humid and may have a bad odor.

Other changes you can make to your bathroom include adding a medicine cabinet, adding more lighting, and keeping the main fixtures neutral so that they can easily blend into the design.

Build a Home Office

A place dedicated to work will help you to separate domestic chores from work. It can also increase your productivity. There are lots of styles to choose from. Paint the space with non-distracting colors.

Get creative with your bookshelves. When it comes to desks, you can opt from trendy options such as the silhouette, floating, rustic wood, leather, or a mix of a number of them. You can also get a lamp that stands out. Indoor plants also bring the office to life.

Update Your Home’s Exterior 

There are lots of things you can change with the exterior of your home to make it more attractive. You can switch to a two-tone design such as a brick and siding. You can update the paint by choosing from trendy color palettes.

Consider upgrading windows, doors, and your entrance. They will make a big difference. Try updating the wood accents or the number designs of your home. You can also upgrade your deck design, deck painting or add attractive plants to the empty spaces around your deck.

Call the Experts

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