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After 30 plus years in the Home Improvement business, Crockett Home Improvement is proud to still be serving South West Virginia. Over the decades we’ve built our reputation one job at a time to earn the title of the most trusted home improvement contractors in SW Virginia. Our approach is simple and time-tested. We deliver what we promise, do the job right the first time, and always make sure our customer is happy - start to finish.

How to Find a Reliable Home Improvement Contractor?

Finding a competent and reliable contractor to install kitchen cabinets, knocking down a wall, or retiling a bathroom is easy compared with the challenge of hiring a quality contractor who can perform at a high level from start to finish on all home improvement jobs – big or small. You have likely heard the stories of contractors who tear apart a kitchen and abandon the job, or end up billing a customer for three times the original estimate. The good news is there are preventative vetting steps you can take to help you find a contractor who can get the job done as advertised.

  1. Know What You Want – Coming to a contractor with a detailed plan will ensure a more accurate estimate. The more specific you are the better.
  2. Ask Friends for References – Word of mouth references from trusted friends and family are always the most accurate in vetting a good home improvement contractor.
  3. Expect a Good Contractor to be Busy – The best contractors are busy contractors. If they say they’re a couple weeks out before they can start this is a good sign.
  4. Check Licenses – Your contractor should have all the proper licensing and verify their insurance.
  5. Check References & Reviews – Talk to former clients and subcontractors who can tell you if the contractor is honest. Check all the available online reviews as well.
  6. Sign a Detailed Contract – The contract should spell out exactly what will be done, including deadlines, progress payments, the exact materials to be used. No contract means it’s your word against their word.
  7. Get the Proper Permits – Nearly all home renovation projects will require permits. If the contractor suggests doing the job without permits that is a red flag.
  8. Negotiate Ground Rules – Discuss what hours the contractor can work at your home, what bathroom the workers will use, and what will be cleaned up at the end of every workday.
  9. Communication is Key – For a big job, you may need to talk every day with your contractor. If you see a potential issue say something immediately. It’s harder to go back and fix something after your contractor has moved on to the next job.
  10. Choose the Right Contractor for the Job – A contractor who did a good job tiling your friend’s bathroom isn’t necessarily the right person to build an addition for your home. Make sure you’re working with an experienced contractor that has a proven track record and extensive portfolio.

Sticking to these tips will help you secure a great contractor. If you’re thinking about any aspect of home improvement give us a call for a free estimate. We’re a complete home improvement and home renovation contractor. We can expertly handle everything from roof and siding replacements, to all interior home repairs and renovations.

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