Stone & Marble

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Stone and marble like Ceramic tile are classified as ”non-resilients”. Silmilar to tile the materials offer richness of color, durability, moisture and stain resistance, and ease of maintenance. They also share with tile the drawbacks of being cold to touch, noisy to walk on, and unforgivingly hard. Stone and marble floors are clearly, unmistakably natural. As remarkably good as some faux surfaces look, no product manufactured today actually matches the rustic irregularity and random color variation of natural zone.

Now that you’ve got the facts about each floor surface option, picking the right one for your design will be much less confusing.

2013 Cost vs. Value Report

Selected 2013 Cost vs. Value Report Statistics - Average Nationwide Return on Investment:

  • Deck addition – 77.3%
  • Major kitchen remodel – 59.7%
  • Bathroom remodel – 58.3%
  • New roof – 56.7%
  • Basement Remodel – 70.3%

Source: 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, (REALTOR® Magazine, Jan. 2013).