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Although we can fix leaky roofs by either roof replacement or roof repair, it is always best to understand what caused the roof to leak in the first place. The most common reasons for a roof leak can be traced back to different problems. Knowing this information can help you figure out how to prevent a future leak. This post will give you a look at the most common explanations for why roofs leak.

Your Flashing Has Cracked

Foundation problems and cracked flashing are the most common explanations for a leaky roof. The flashing is the metal casing around windows and doors. If they’re not properly installed or broken, there is a gap between your roof and your home’s walls. This gap can lead to water damage inside your house if it is exposed to water for long periods.

You Have Broken Shingles

Your roof may leak because of broken shingles. A broken shingle is easy to identify because it does not completely overlap with adjacent shingles. These may break after heavy winds, hailstorms, freezing temperatures, or even nips from animals during the night. If your shingles have lost their ability to keep moisture out, this can often leave the interior of your home susceptible to moisture damage from leaks. This condition is preventable by regularly inspecting shingles for missing or broken pieces.

Your Valleys Aren’t Properly Sealed

Poorly sealed valleys are one of the leading causes of leaky roofs. If you’ve had a leak in your roof, chances are it’s due to a poor sealant job done by the person who installed the valley flashing. The valley flashing is the joint between two roofing surfaces, usually multiple shingles deep. They are the valleys around your roof trusses where two slates meet. If these do not have a good seal, then water will enter the valley and damage your ceilings.

Your Gutters Are Clogged

You should routinely inspect the gutters of your home to ensure that they are clear of debris and working properly. This will help prevent water from overflowing and causing leaks in your home. If your gutters are clogged, you should hire a professional to clean them out or try using a gutter cleaning tool or power washer to clean out the debris.

You Have A Cracked Chimney

A leaky roof is not always due to a damaged or faulty shingle or tile. Often, there is a problem with the way the roof and chimney work together. Chimneys and roofs develop cracks and holes due to heat damage. There are three typical causes of a cracked chimney: Moisture, frost heave, or bad mortar joints. Most chimneys don’t have liners so they are guaranteed to leak at some point. Sometimes it is possible to fix these types of roof leaks yourself — but in other cases, it is best to call in a professional roof installation and repair service.

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