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    If you’re a homeowner, you work hard to enjoy maintain all the joys of home ownership. But if you’re like most people there are a lot of things you wouldn’t mind upgrading to make your home even better than it already is. When you look at your list of home improvement you’ll probably see new decking, siding, kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrades, new electrical, and more. The biggest benefits of home improvement include increased comfort, space, energy efficient savings, ease of maintenance, and increased value for your home. The challenge is finding a renovation contractor that can deliver quality work at an affordable price.

    Your Home Improvement Guide

    Crockett Home Improvement has been serving customers in all things home improvement related for over 30 years. We’ve gained a reputation as one of the most well-known and trusted home improvement contractors in South West Virginia. We started small and earned our reputation one customer at a time. When you work us you get a people first renovation contractor. This means we put you ahead of our needs and do everything possible to ensure your customer experience is the best one possible.  Your voice and opinion are what matter most when it comes to improving your home and we listen to every last detail and confirm that we heard you correctly. We work with you every step of the way to guarantee you get the results you envisioned.

    The Crockett Complete Installation Approach

    To put it simply: We don’t cut corners. It doesn’t matter what the job is - plumbing, electrical, additions, lighting, roof replacement – whatever we’re doing we take the time to do it right the first time. It costs us more to come back and fix mistakes. We pay attention to details the first time and give you what you ask for. It starts with preparation and we carry it through the entire job all the way through the final clean up. We treat your house as if it were our own.

    Benefits of Home Improvement

    • Comfort – Your home is your castle. You should maximize your comfort within your walls. Home improvement transforms your home into the home you deserve. Improvements like replacement windows and siding upgrades improve your insulation adding comfort and cutting costs on energy expenses.
    • Increased Space – Perhaps your family was smaller when you first purchased it, or your income was less. If your home feels too cramped, additions like adding rooms or expanding rooms, give you and your family the space needed to enjoy your home like you envisioned. The additional space adds space to host friends and family and adding an outdoor addition like a deck further expands your useable space to the outdoors.
    • Energy Savings – Upgrading your home with energy efficient roofing, siding, windows, lighting, and thermostats end up paying for itself. Maintaining a comfortable home temperature year round while adding value to your home and cutting the monthly energy bill is a home improvement no-brainer.
    • Maintenance – A well-built home can last hundreds of years if it’s probably maintained. Windows, siding, roofing, doors, plumbing, and electrical all decay over time. Some will fail completely given enough time. Today’s technology allows for home improvement upgrades that demand less maintenance and last longer saving you time and money.
    • Curb Appeal – Your home is likely your most valuable investment. Home improvements – particularly exterior remodeling projects – can dramatically improve the appearance of your home. Aside from pleasing your eye, it increases your home’s market value substantially. Even if you don’t have plans to sell your home, making improvements on a regular basis keeps your home looking and feeling great, while having it market ready for a profit if you do need to sell at some point.
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    Your roof acts as the top layer of protection for your entire home. If your roof has been damaged or is old and in need of replacement or repair, we can help.


    A home addition gives you the space you need without going through the hassle and cost of selling and buying a new home.


    Next to your home your vehicles are some of your biggest investments. Make sure they’re protected and maximize their life with a garage or carport.


    Plumbing needs to be done right the first time to avoid disaster. Whether it’s a plumbing upgrade or plumbing for a new addition we’ll make sure it’s done right and lasts.


    Siding acts as protection for your walls. Good siding protects and makes your home more energy efficient.


    Add space, enjoyment, and relaxation while increasing your home’s value with a bathroom renovation. Whether it’s new sinks, showers, tile, or tubs we can help.


    Upgrade your lighting with smart lighting to save on energy bills and always have the right custom lighting for any occasion.


    We do concrete for driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. Properly laid concrete will redirect water run off to the right place and not crack when put under stress.


    Extend your outdoor living space with a custom built deck. Spend more time outside enjoying family, friends, and food.


    Create a kitchen that you love with a modern upgrade. Increase your home’s value and make cooking fun again with a kitchen renovation.


    Floors get a lot of foot traffic. We can repair and install any type of flooring including ceramic tile, laminate flooring, hardwood floors, resilient flooring, stone, or marble.


    Nothing completes an outdoor living space like a patio. Customize it with an outdoor kitchen, cabana, or awning to get maximum outdoor living enjoyment.


    A porch is an extension of your home. It gets you outside and acts as the perfect focal point for outdoor socializing and fun.