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Our team of contractors not only includes roofing contractors in Christiansburg VA and some of the best bathroom remodel contractors near you. We are also proud to have the most dependable deck builders and remodelers in the area. We can help you extend your outdoor living space with a custom-built deck, so you can spend more quality time outside with family, friends, and food.

Crockett Home Improvement can take on all projects ranging from custom wraparound decks, pergolas, decks for swimming pools, patios, covered decks, gazebos, and many others. Get in touch with our team today and allow us to create a beautiful deck for your home.

What You Can Expect

Construction can look like chaos before it eventually comes together in the end, but our team always works to keep our clients’ space as orderly as possible throughout the renovation project. When we leave your property, we will leave it looking brand new without any traces that someone else had just been there.

As we deploy deck contractors near you, we will also secure any permits and schedule all material deliveries as needed on a project by project basis. We will recommend suitable material options, designs, colours, and accent pieces for your home. From conceptualization to completion, we will do everything we can to make the entire process stress-free.

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FAQs On Deck Construction Projects

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We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions regarding our deck renovation services. If you have questions that are not yet answered below, reach out to our team today.

To determine the most practical move, consider the cost to repair and the cost to replace. If you’re not sure about the extent of repair your deck needs and need a quote on the necessary materials and labour costs, we can help you make this decision.

Tearing down and replacing a deck costs around $15,000. Still, that price may vary depending on the unique nuances of each project, and how much work is there for us to do.

For a more accurate estimate, call us for a free quote and a discussion about the best options for your specific situation.

Decks are one of the additions that add significant value to any home. Homeowners can expect to recoup most, if not all of their initial investment on a quality, well-made deck. Call our team of deck contractors at Crockett Home Improvement to get your project started today. 

Our Deck Needed Some TLC. We Called Crockett And They Repaired The Issues And Saved Us A Ton Of Money!

Custom-Made Decks Built To Your Preference

Regardless of the kind of deck you have in mind, we can make it happen for you just as you imagined it. We believe that the best works of art take time, so we will thoroughly walk you through all your deckbuilding options, and will recommend what we think is best for you.

Still, your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide affordable and professional deck building and remodelling services geared towards what you want and what you need.

35 Years Of Solid Experience In Building Decks

Here at Crockett Home Improvement, we stay true to our word. Our past clients know that we don’t set deadlines we can’t keep, so you can rest assured that we’ll have your new deck ready within the timeline agreed upon during your consultation. 

Our team works hard so our clients can focus on other things while leaving their deck-building needs to the professionals. We have been serving clients in the Christiansburg area for more than 35 years, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. If you want a deck you can enjoy sharing with your family and friends, you know who to call.

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