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At Crockett Home Improvement, we know how much you value your home. Our services aim to maintain the essence of your home even as we install new additions. We make sure that the home you love keeps its charm as we exemplify its beauty and functionality by offering home additions near you.

We are premier local contractors who can also provide bathroom remodelling in Blacksburg, VA, and nearby areas. Here, you’ll also find information on how we can bring siding contractors near you to give your home an additional boost.

What You Can Expect

Adding new structures to your home can be a stressful and tedious process. This is why our team of professional contractors strives to provide you with the utmost comfort and support while we make your dream home a reality. 

Our skilled team of home addition contractors near you is trained to identify your specific needs and respond to them immediately. Crockett Home Improvement takes great pride in working closely with its clients to create the house of your dreams just as you have envisioned it.

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Leave your home addition needs to the experts. Fill out the form below and expect a call from us for a quote on your dream home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Additions

Your Dream Home, Right At Your Fingertips

We are here to make your quest for quality home additions a less daunting experience for you. Check out our FAQs for more information about our process.

It is often a good idea to canvas various contractors and compare quotes to see what is best suited for your budget. Here at Crockett Home Improvement, we offer free, no-obligation estimates and can accommodate your budget restrictions without compromising on the quality and dependability of our services. 

More often than not, there are zoning and legal requirements that must be satisfied when considering home extensions and additions. Relevant authorities in your area will be able to provide you with the specifics about what permits or licenses you need to secure. Alternatively, our team can help secure all permits needed for our services.

Return on investment is a critical factor when considering somewhat costly additions to the home. While additions are a great way to enhance the space in your current home, their additional retail value is typically less than homes that undergo traditional remodelling. 

Our Experience With Crockett Home’s Home Addition Services Has Been An Absolute Delight! Their Attention And Dedication Made All The Difference!

Look Forward To Your Dream Home

After more than 35 years in the industry, Crockett Home Improvement continues to be the best provider of home additions near you. Not only are we able to retrofit your home to withstand the local climate, but we also focus on improving and enhancing your home project experience at every opportunity.

With us, you can rest easy as we take care of all the needs of your home. From step-by-step communication to excellent after-sales customer service, we offer you the complete, hassle-free remodelling journey with a memorable end product: the home of your dreams.

Keeping You In The Loop Every Step Of The Way

We understand how frustrating it can be to finance a huge home improvement project without getting any updates about how things are going. That’s why our contractors always keep our clients apprised of any updates on their home additions, even sending progress pictures to keep our customers’ minds at ease. 

We value the investment and work you’ve poured into making your home an ideal place for your family. With every home addition we introduce, we strive to enhance your abode without taking away the things that make it uniquely yours.

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