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A home renovation project is a huge investment financially, emotionally, and physically. The last thing you want is to start this project without making the necessary preparations.

Your home improvement project will be less stressful and will go smoother if you take the necessary actions before the home improvement contractors step into your home to start work.

You will need to make adjustments and move things that will get in the way you will need to make preparations for your kids and pets. Here is a list of the essential steps you must take to avoid a renovation nightmare.

Pack Away As Many Belongings As Possible

Your belongings can get in the way of the renovation team. The team may have a hard time moving around or they may need to slow down because they want to protect your stuff. Your belongings may also get damaged despite the team’s effort to protect them.

Avoid all these by moving as many items out of the home as possible. If the project will be done in some rooms and not in others, move the stuff to the rooms that won’t be touched. If the entire house will be renovated, see if you can rent a storage room at a location near you.

Packing and decluttering may seem easy, but it’s a lot of work. It is better to start early.

Cover Your Furniture and Vents

Renovation works produce more dust than you would imagine. Do not leave your furniture to the mercy of the dust since it can damage your furniture or make it unattractive. 

Cover all your furniture and vents with plastic. It will save you the trouble of cleaning them later.

Prepare a Safe Space for Children and Pets

Kids and pets get curious when there are new things and changes in the environment. If you do not pay attention to your kids, they will go to the renovation area and may get hurt.

Make provisions for safety so that they cannot get in there. You may need to get your kids and pets out of the home anytime the team is around. 

The doors to the rooms being worked on should also be locked when the team is away. Consider a babysitter and a pet sitter if you are busy.

Move Any Plants Outside

Your indoor plants may also not do well when they are exposed to a lot of dust. It is a good idea to move them outside before the home renovation starts. 

Prepare a space that has temperature and sunlight that is similar to what the plants are used to. Check the soil moisture and monitor your plants daily to ensure that they are in good condition.

Mentally Prepare and Plan Your Living Arrangement

A home renovation project creates a messy environment. You will see your neat and well-organized home gradually turn dusty and messy. 

You may expect it but, seeing it may still bother you. Prepare yourself mentally for the disruption and the mess ahead.

Have it in the back of your mind that you will get the chance to organize it the way you want later on and enjoy the process. Your living arrangement will depend on the scale of the renovation. 

For smaller renovations, you may be able to stay in some rooms in your home. You should decide if you want to move out or not.

If you decide to move out, get a place close by so that you can check on the project with ease.

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